Thriving, not just surviving; yes, even in 7-degree weather!

I wrote this piece on behalf of the Berkshire Outdoor Center in 2013. The Berkshire Outdoor Center is one of four outstanding programs offered by Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA. A wonderful place to enjoy nature, and discover the good things about life and yourself.


Today’s guest post is from Brenda Marsian, our very own Chief Development Officer. As a first-time Women’s Wellness Weekend attendee but a self-professed “non-outdoorsy person,” she graciously offered to share her experience with all of us. Thanks for choosing us over the spa, Brenda! 

I met my good friend Mary in 1989, during my junior year in college while we were both working at a large insurance company.  We were English majors at neighboring colleges getting a “real world experience” that turned out to be a two year sentence sharing a small cubicle, filing, collating, stuffing and running errands.  Mary was the silver lining to an otherwise gray and boring place.

Nearly a quarter century later, speckled with daffodil bridesmaid dresses, baby boys (one for each of us,) and husbands to boot, we remain friends and I feel fortunate to share her college friend Susan who has joined us on…

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