August Haiku

Sunflower field maze

Miles of yellow all day long

Blooms dinner plate size


August Haiku Photo Three 3

Bright zinnias sway

Ready to cut and display

Fresh scent vase bouquets

August Haiku Photo Two 2

Convertible top

Tangled hair and sunglasses

Cruising winding roads


August Haiku Photo mushroom.jpg

Hiking the state park

With mans best furry  fun friend

See shrooms and chipmunks



August Haiku Photo One

Gardens sowed and ripe

Squash tomatoes and eggplant

Sweet buttery corn



Belly flops and dives

Umbrella, chaise, lemonade

Refreshing escape


sunset two

Sunsets and freckles

I will miss you all winter

So long summertime



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